DPM Teo Chee Hean unfazed over overcrowding worries

The impact of an overpopulation is poised to worsen with DPM Teo’s indication that a growing population is the key to building a “better” Singapore. What is better? Better for who? For the past 10 years, we all know it is all better for only the PAP who stand to benefit from the hundreds of millions of taxes collected each day from the increased population.

In a town hall meeting over the population issue with Millionaire Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, Singaporeans protested vigorously against the Minister’s stubborn take on population, resulting in the session extending another hour than scheduled. Despite the citizens’ worries over overcrowding, inflation and depression of salaries – mainly brought upon by the influx of foreigners -, Teo somehow filtered out them and sees only the advantage:

“The foreign workforce is interesting. They add to the workforce but they don’t retire and grow old here. It’s an advantage to have a transient workforce here. They are only here when they are active and therefore they don’t contribute to our ageing population. So there is an advantage in having a transient workforce here which helps to contribute to the economy and economic growth but which doesn’t impose a social load on us when they grow old or doesn’t demand a social load from us when they are very young.”

DPM Teo also wants Singaporeans to “make adjustments” while his government makes Singapore a “more vibrant and liveable city” with the relentless influx of foreigners:

“You may not get it right every point in time but you should be able to make adjustments along the way.”

It is regrettable that Singaporeans will have to repent for the next 4 years before they are able to effect upon the government to impose restrictions on the rapid growth of population in Singapore. The fact remains that the PAP government is only interested in the economic growth the foreign workforce could bring in, they do not care if the existing infrastructures like the public transport and housing is able to meet demand. Having a train or bus fully loaded in every ride maximizes profits at the expense of commuters’ comfort, and more stamp duties could be collected from a hotly-speculated public housing market. Car ownership has already been out of reach from Singaporeans with the large spike in the number of foreign car owners who were mostly millionaires attracted to the low taxes rich people have to pay in Singapore. Scholarships and tertiary education goes largely to foreign students who enrolled using lesser domestic qualifications than the usual A-levels and diplomas Singaporeans have. Cost of living continues to climb with the number of rich foreigners outbuying Singaporeans in housing, transport and food.

The recent “National Conversation” has proven to be a farce to appease angry voters as recent statistics released contrasts greatly with the 2011 General Election promise by the PAP to “moderate the foreign population”. The luckier Singaporeans have the option to settle down overseas to avoid the blatant citizen-abuse treatment of the PAP policies, while the unfortunate ones, especially the older and vulnerable echelon of the society, have to make do living from hand to mouth in the name of “Meritocracy” and “Growth”, as the PAP so rightly justify.


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