Amy Cheong saga: Minister K Shanmugam confirms deep fault lines caused by foreigner

After the Amy Cheong saga, PAP Millionaire K Shanmugam has confirmed that deep fault lines are caused by foreigners living in Singapore:

“This confirms what I had long suspected and said: there are deep fault lines in our society, based on race/religion”

Amy Cheong is an ex-Malaysian Australian formerly working as an Assistant Director of the NTUC. It is apparent the NTUC is not able to hire any Singaporean to be an Assistant Director of the NTUC which is why a foreign talent like Amy Cheong is hired.

PAP Millionaire Minister Lim Swee Say said:

“As firm believers of inclusiveness and multi-racialism, the labour movement had to fire Ms Cheong as its Assistant Director of its Membership Department”

In the same spirit of inclusiveness, NTUC must have found hiring a foreign talent more appropriate than hiring a Singaporean. This gels well with the fact that Singapore needs more foreign talents as Singaporeans shun “dirty” jobs the likes of an Assistant Director.


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