PAP Government approves funding for $4.4 million study on well-being of elderly

The Ministry of Health has approved funding of a $4.4 million study to establish “data” on the burden of dementia and depression among the elderly in Singapore. It is unknown why the “study” would cost $4.4 million, but a significant amount would definitely goes into the salaries of the foreign and local researchers.


There is no disclosure on the breakdown of the funding and no justification for such a princely sum. As the single ruling party, the PAP government lacks accountability and transparency when it comes to usage of Singapore’s taxes. The $4.4 million could have been a better use having it distributed to some estimated 20,000 elderly Singaporean destitutes on the streets.


As the PAP government discourages welfare, Singaporean elderly are largely self-reliant with a large number of them collecting recyclable tin cans and cardboards on the streets to sell to the recycling market. 1kg of tin cans collected would fetch about $3, which is more than enough for a daily good bowl of porridge with soy sauce for the elderly. Begging on the streets would warrant an arrest under Singapore law, hence most elderly would peddle tissue packets in food centres at Singapore’s crowded Central Business District area where rich foreigners wine and dine in the utopia. Despite the dilapidated state of the elderly in Singapore, the PAP government claims Singapore is the best place to be in if a person is poor [Source].


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