More Singaporeans leaving Singapore to settle down overseas

In the recent population report [Source] by the National Population and Talent Division, some 200000 Singaporeans are settled overseas with a large number of young Singaporeans aged between 20 and 24. As the main island is set to face more overcrowding issues in the years to come, more Singaporeans will leave the country for greener pastures. While the reasons for leaving could vary largely, the fact remains that Singaporeans in Singapore are being treated like second class citizens as the PAP government reserve preferential treatment for Permanent Residents and foreigners.

Here are some of the areas where Singaporeans are openly discriminated against by the ruling PAP:

1) Single Singaporeans below the age of 35 are not allowed to purchase HDB resale flats while married foreigners with Permanent Residency are allowed so.

2) Married Singaporeans with a foreign spouse are not given Dependent passes that allow them to work, but foreigner Employment Pass(E-Pass) holders are given dependent passes with employment access.

3) Singaporean males are expected to risk their lives and serve 2 years of full time National Service and 10 years of reservist while healthy new citizens and Permanent Residents get to enjoy the security without paying their dues.

4) Singaporean students who are eligible for university admission are denied so as a minimum of 20% of the total local university places are reserved for foreign students.



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