ASEAN scholarship not for Singaporeans

Despite having the scholarship offered and sponsored by Singaporean taxpayers’ monies, Singaporeans are not eligible for the ASEAN scholarship. In the website of Singapore’s latest university [Source], the Singapore University of Technology and Design(SUTD), the application of the scholarship is only open to “Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) and International Students (IS) of ASEAN* (except Singapore) nationality”. No Singaporean is hence allowed to apply for the scholarship.

This is yet another evidence that Singaporeans are second class citizens in their own country. Under the ruling PAP government, 20% of Singapore’s local university places are reserved for foreigners. Foreign students enrolled on an unfair basis as most of them do not have a GCE A Level Certificate or a local polytechnic diploma. Singaporean students are however subjected to stringent English standards and have to compete among themselves intensely to be the top few percentage of their cohort before they are allowed into the local universities. Most Singaporeans who are eligible for universities are rejected by the local universities and they ended up paying $10000 more in private foreign university degrees offered in SIM and MDIS.

Some of the foreign students have got their first degrees in their countries already and is here for a second degree, while some are simply overage. Each year, scholarships and top rankings were taken up by foreigners who had their first degrees in their hometown.

It is understood that the hostels in NUS and NTU are largely reserved for foreign students, while Singaporeans have to travel to and forth across the island for a tertiary education.


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