PAP Government remains unapologetic about its immigration policies

Despite receiving its worst election results ever in history coupled with a series of furors due to overpopulation, the PAP Government remains unapologetic with their immigration policies with the Ministry of Trade and Industry(MTI) releasing a “Occasional” strongly recommending continuing the foreign influx [Source].


In the report, the MTI never forget to:

1) Propagandize

“Since Independence, we have created good jobs for Singaporeans, kept unemployment low, and raised wages. We have improved our standard of living by investing in education and healthcare, as well as physical infrastructure, such as public housing, transportation and tele-communications networks, through sustained economic development. Strong economic growth averaging 8% per annum since Independence, coupled with prudent fiscal policy, has enabled us to build up our nation’s reserves over
the years.”


2) Insult Singaporeans:

“Too much high-skilled foreign manpower may lead to Singaporeans feeling a sense of displacement.”


3) Use unproven examples

The Council noted that the key question was not whether Japan should accept migrants, but how it should accept them. A few years
earlier, in June 2008, a group of lawmakers in the ruling LDP had also proposed a plan to accept 10 million immigrants over the next 50 years.

This is particularly interesting because the “ruling” Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) was actually voted out in 2009 Election by the Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ), much to the ignorance of the Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. The group of lawmakers mentioned have all been voted out of governance. Will PAP be voted out like LDP in the end?


4) Oversimplify the situation:



5) and end off simply using rising wages, “good” quality of life and continual access to “good” jobs as carrots demanding Singaporeans to accept more foreigners.

“This will ensure that all Singaporeans, regardless of their skills and
background, can continue to have access to good job opportunities, rising real wages and a higher
quality of life in the future”


It is a tragedy the PAP Government has decided to force immigration down Singaporeans’ throats and expect educated Singaporeans to accept their irrational threats of a smaller Singaporean population would have. The MTI report has missed out all the real reasons why the ruling PAP Government wants a larger population. Taxes and votes are what the PAP ultimately are looking for because the large presence of foreigners get to enjoy security and prosperity at the expense of Singaporeans serving National Service.


Despite seeing record GDP growth over the years, the amount of social spending on the unemployed, elderly and the vulnerable Singaporeans have not increased proportionately. Instead, we see more millionaire foreigners in Singapore pricing Singaporeans out of their housing and daily expenses, and PAP Ministerial salaries becoming the best-paid in the whole world. This is evident that the kind of growth PAP is championing is not one for Singaporeans, but to further enrich themselves.


What do you think?

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