Lawyers up against Law Society’s lawlessness

51 Singapore lawyers have called for an Extraordinary General Meeting condemning the Lawless Society’s chairman Wong Meng Meng and Wong Siew Hong’s actions during M Ravi’s court proceedings. Wong Siew Hong allegedly “barged” into the court room holding a letter declaring M Ravi was unfit to practise. His actions was later denounced by the judge Philip Pillai, in a closed-door chamber who called Wong Siew Hong’s actions “unprecedented”.

M Ravi is currently handling three politically sensitive cases at the same juncture, namely the sovereign wealth fund case taken up by Reform Party Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the by-election case taken up by a Hougang resident and a case involving sevral members of the Singapore Democratic Party. Many members of the public online are attributing the Law Society’s actions to the PAP, anonymously of course given that the PAP have the tendency to “correct” criticisms through defamation lawsuits.

The EGM was conducted on Monday and many members expressed their dissatisfaction over the Law Society’s actions by raising a motion calling for Wong Meng Meng to address the members’ quesions which have apparently been ignored. A second motion was raised to censure Wong Siew Hong as members find it unacceptable a trained lawyer could behave as such.

Wong Meng Meng was also told not to chair the EGM as he was supposed to be the defendant in the motions raised by the members to which he shamelessly refused and replied: “If I step down, I’m agreeing that I cannot conduct the meeting fairly. So I said on that grounds, even if I had the legal right to stand down I would not stand down.”


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