Tan chuan Jin implying that Singaporeans are a narrow-minded people

The Acting Minister of Manpower Tan Chuan Jin is urging Singaporeans to be open minded in the ongoing “conversation” with Singaporeans. Despite the ruling party’s inglorious history of small minded defamation threats against skeptics and critics, the newbie politician somehow found himself in an esteemed throne, backed with a milliondollar paycheck, to publicly imply Singaporeans as a narrow-minded people.

Posting at the PAP-created Our Sg Conversation Facebook page with taxpayers-funded moderators, Tan Chuan Jin noted that there are many Singaporeans who are dismayed that more important topics like the rising cost of living and HDB prices have not yet surfaced despite going into the third week since the “conversation” was started by a committee comprising of only pro-PAP elements handpicked by the PAP Government.

The”National Conversation” was conducted to improve the PAP worsening image of an authoritarian state who force-feed policies like CPF changes and GST down the people’s throat. Over the past 10 years, the PAP Government has failed to recognize the people’s concerns regarding the influx of foreigners which has triggered a series of social problems from extreme income inequality to salaries depression, resulting in a worsening quality of life among many Singaporeans.

Unfortunately for Singaporeans, the PAP Government still sees no wrong to their policies and have chosen to manage the delivery through Public Relations methods like conducting a wayang dialogue and staging their own grassroot leaders to act as “unengaged” Singaporeans in order to outcast Singaporeans with genuine concerns not easily solved by propaganda.


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