Minister Lawrence Wong likes Fabrications About The PAP

Minister Lawrence Wong is correct that Singaporeans couldn’t be more divided when it comes to politics [Source]. In other countries, people of different political-leanings can agree to disagree with each other and they usually leave it at that. But in Singapore, the PAP and Opposition supporters are literally out for each other’s blood, where personal information are posted online by anonymous pro-PAP supporters like Fabrications About The PAP [Source] and Bodoh Politicians [Source].
Such online vitriol is indeed unacceptable and only cause further divisions among people with different political beliefs. To quote Lee Hsien Loong’s comment on Dr Chee Soon Juan, the Fabrications About The PAP Facebook Page “is a destructive form of politics”, aimed only to instill hatred among PAP supporters against their fellow citizens.
It is surprising to see Lawrence Wong taking the moral high ground and yet like what the Fabrications About The PAP is doing – mocking the Opposition and PAP critics. Lawrence Wong should be asking himself instead if a society envisaged by the PAP extremists is what he wants to see.
The kind of society we have in the future is moulded by the draconian policies and practices of the ruling PAP Government. Fear in Singaporeans’ minds are still very paralyzing which is why people have very good reasons to remain anonymous especially when cases of  Opposition politicians sued into bankruptcy and online users are hauled up by the Police from time to time are becoming the norm.  When even a supposedly “honest” National Conversation promised by the PAP is staged by civil servants and the PAP supporters [Source], it is impossible for Singaporeans not to cast reasonable doubts and resort to mockeries, satires and anonymity.

What do you think?

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