Lim Swee Say gaffes

on representing the silent “majority” [Source] (15 Sep 2012):
“…a lot of policies are very unpopular…(What’s) more important is the communication between the grassroots leaders and the residents – how to explain (policies) to them clearly” 


on increasing salary for low income workers [Source] (13 April 2012):
“This approach is very risky. What is at stake are jobs and structural unemployment. You can push up the wages of low-wage workers by 50 per cent in three years, but you cannot improve his skill, his productivity, his employability by 50 per cent in three years” 


on growing a sustainable economy [Source] (13 April 2012):
“Speed up the process of skills-upgrading, speed up the process of productivity enhancement and speed up the process of innovation…”


on innovation in the private sector [Source] 12 July 2012:
“Every (company) ought to find a way such that more of you will become like the Lady Gaga of your respective sectors.”



on Singaporean workers [Source] 2 July 2010:
“If you’re the best today, strive to be better. If you’re better today, strive to be ‘betterer’ and if you’re ‘betterer’ today, strive to be ‘betterest’ so that over time, Singapore’s service standards can just keep getting better, ‘betterer’ and ‘betterest’.”


on PAP [Source] (5 Mar 2010):
“We are like the little frog. We are deaf to all these criticisms”


on economic downturn (28 Sep 2009):



on CPF (13 Oct 2008):


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