Unemployment rate of Foreigners in Singapore is -0.717%?

According to the latest statistic by the Ministry of Manpower…

We can derive 2% of 5183700 total population is 103674, however the total of the unemployed Singaporeans and PRs at 113676 have already exceeded this number.

Unemployment rate:
Singaporean = 3.2%, or 104230 out of 3257200 Singaporeans are unemployed
Permanent Residents = 1.775%, or 9446 out of 532000 PRs are unemployed
Foreigners = -0.717%, or -10002 out of 1394500 Foreigners are unemployed

Interestingly, there are only about 1190000 foreign workers in Singapore reported by MOM. Has Singapore’s real population number been under-reported or is Singapore’s unemployment figure just yet another propaganda attempt by the PAP Government?

Wiki Temasek is currently seeking the Ministry of Manpower’s clarification over the discrepancy.

2011 Population figures by SingStats [Source 1], 2012-Q2 Unemployment rate by MOM [Source 2]



4 thoughts on “Unemployment rate of Foreigners in Singapore is -0.717%?

  1. Umemployment rate is not derived from total population figures.

    The established economic formula to calculate any country’s unemployment rate is to express the “number of people actively seeking jobs” as a percentage of the “labour force” – not total population. This is done to exclude people who will definitely not be seeking employment – namely school-going children/youths and the elderly.

    So by definition, the labour force is definitely smaller than the total population.

    • Hi Dew

      You are right, however the real cause of concern is how employment rate of Foreigners and PRs are always higher than citizens. This is just saying jobs have been taken away for Singaporeans in the “actively seeking employment” unemployment category.

  2. Dew, the proportion of Singaporeans to foreigners to PRs is 6:2:1 so in order to dilute the percentage of 3.2% to 2% with the number of foreign employment, the estimated unemployment rate for foreigners should be near 0.5%. this figure is not released by MOM because they know deep inside jobs are created for foreigners, not Singaporeans

    • Hi Anonymous

      The Government of Singapore is literally using the influx of foreign labor to give them bragging rights that they are a competent government. Affordability and liveability are conveniently left out and the extreme low birth rate reflects the same non-confidence of the people in their future

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